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Flowers appeal to us in many different ways, whether as a field of wildflowers, a vase with freshly cut flowers, giant yellow sunflowers reaching toward the sky, or the heady fragrance of lilies on the night air. Flowers have the ability to welcome a new baby, offer congratulations on a job well done or mourn the loss of a loved one. When I used to visit my mother, one of the first things I liked to do was to go out and walk through her blooming flower garden.

I allow the sights and smells of this floral haven to wrap around me like a comfortable blanket. Nature has the uncanny ability to talk to our souls. The fragrances of a field of roses, a butterfly landing on a lilac blossom, or the beauty of the morning dew can and should affect us deeply. It is amazing to me how mowing the lawn, planting flowers and even weeding can lower my stress levels, allow me to deeply relax, and make my mom happy! smiley

It is my hope that I will be able to show you how to incorporate flowers and gardening into your daily life so you too may experience what I have.

Yours in gardening,


Pierre Schneider

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Flowers and garden site overview:

Flower bulbs – the easy way to your flower garden Flowering bulbs for all seasons! Enjoy these gorgeous flowering beauties in spring, summer, and fall! Your garden will be beautiful with an array of different colors throughout the seasons. Check out these great flower bulbs including alliums, tulips, irises and much more!

Butterfly gardens – how to attract butterflies to your garden. You can attract butterflies to your garden by providing them with food (plants and flowers), water, shelter, and places to lay their eggs (host plants). Butterflies drink nectar, so growing nectar rich flowers will attract butterflies to your garden…

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One of the favorite things about ordering flowers online is that we are still supporting our local economy because the orders for many of the online flower organizations work directly with local florists.

Flower pictures and photos of unique flowers and plants! Check out these unique flower pictures, it is growing collection, and it will be updated regulary. So come back soon!

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Tropical flowers – they make you feel like you are on vacation! The colors of tropical flowers illuminate any room or garden for any occasion. Create a lush atmosphere by growing magnificent tropical plants in your own backyard. Find out more about how to grow tropical flowers indoors or out.

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