Even with a "brown thumb" you can grow a cactus indoors

A few cactus indoor plants in a dish make a great display!

cactus dish garden

Has your GREEN THUMB turned BROWN? If so, growing cactus indoor should be right for you. Cacti and succulents are typically very easy to grow and to maintain. 

When grown indoors they need 4-6 hours of sunlight per day. A sunny windowsill is the ideal spot for your new indoor garden.

When plants are flowering and growing they need to be watered more frequently(April-October).

Plant in soil that offers good drainage and never allow your cacti and succulents to sit in water. The weight of the pot will give you a good indication of when it is time to water. A light pot needs water….don’t worry, you will get the hang of it! During the dormant months of the winter, watering once a month is more than enough. Fertilize cacti only once or twice a year during the late spring or summer when they are actively growing. Use a houseplant food that is higher in phosphorus than nitrogen and dilute to half the recommended amount.

Your easy start materials list:

10 inch shallow dish/bowl terracotta/pottery

Soil formulated for growing

cactus or potting soil/sand

mixture 60/40mix


5 or 6 small Cacti choose different heights and textures
to make for an interesting combination.

There are many, many choices for growing cactus indoor, here are some recommendations for your start:

Prickly Pear
Rose Pincushion
Aloe bellatula

- Fill dish with soil to within 2 inches of the rim.
- Decide on arrangement
- Very carefully remove cacti from their pots. Place cacti in the back of   the dish and move forward - this will help keep your fingers injury free!
- Add more soil - use a spoon to get in between spots.
- Add a thin layer of gravel
- Water sparingly and keep in a sunny, warm location.

Key point to remember: Cactus need very little attention, it is better to water too little than too much!

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