Pre Planned Gardens – An Easy Flower Garden Paradise in Bloom

For the beginning gardener, or the veteran with little time to produce a brand-new garden from scratch, pre planned gardens design can be the way to go. These kinds of pre-planned gardening designs take the guess-work out of selecting plants that will work well together and create a beautiful, professional-looking garden.

Pre-planned gardening designs come in a vast variety of plans, featuring everything from designs for shady or sunny locations, to designs made for butterflies and birds. It is also possible to select varieties that target one type of plant, for example, hostas, vines, day lilies or lilacs. Some greenhouses and online retailers even offer selections specific to fall or spring planting or shade gardens and drought resistant gardens that vary by region and climate.

These pre-planned gardening designs can vary in price from the very simple and inexpensive, often as little as $25 – $30, to as much as $150 for rare or large designs. Ultimately, the cost is not much more for a pre-planned garden than one planned yourself; getting a professional to do it can easily double or triple that cost.

One exceptionally lovely pre-planned design, the Spring Hill Three-season shade garden, is available at the Spring Hill website for only $70 and includes a very simple, easy-to-duplicate planting guide, and 17 hardy, easy-to-grow plants in a beautiful array of colors and textures. This garden will fill a 14 by 4 foot area the entire growing season. Click here to go to the website.


More choices of preplanned flower gardens from Spring Hill Nursery






#1 Three-Season Garden  Here’s a chance to plant a spectacular flowering garden that will brighten your landscape with constant color from spring to fall. It contains a total of eight easy-to-grow perennials ideal for gardens in hardiness zones 4-8. The plants will thrive in areas with full sun to partial shade. Buy the Three-Season Garden…







#2 Drought Tolerant Sun Garden You’ll really enjoy this colorful Drought Tolerant Sun Garden, especially during those lazy, hazy days of summer when water is at a premium. While your neighbors spend time trying to keep their water-intensive flower gardens alive, you’ll show off this easy to grow and low-maintenance garden, while relaxing in your backyard with a cool drink.

All summer long you’ll appreciate the riot of colors that will keep coming from this rich and lush garden. Exciting Zebra Grass has unique, striated foliage that moves in the warm summer breezes and Blue Fragrant Lavender will scent the air with a pleasing fragrance. Visitors will stop in their tracks for the unique, steel-blue blooms of Blue Sea Holly or watch the hundreds of butterflies alight as living ornaments on the Gay Butterflies Butterfly Weed.

While the illustrated garden occupies a 7′ x 4′ area, these same 8 perennial varieties can be arranged to fill any 28-sq.-ft. area with drought-tolerant color and beauty. Every pre planned garden comes with full planting instructions and an easy-to-follow diagram.









#3 Deer Resistant Garden  Specially selected plants that do not appeal to deer, and that will add bright color to a difficult shady area. All plants shown in diagram below. Planting Instructions and Garden Plan included. Zones 4-8.







When purchasing a pre-planned design it is important to ensure all the varieties included will grow well in the climate in which they’ll be planted. Many experienced greenhouses and online retailers will specify which zone is best for their plants, but make sure to check as there is nothing more heartbreaking than falling in love with a perfectly gorgeous design only to find, once it is in the ground, that the climate is all wrong.

If you are purchasing online, you will want to try to find out as much as you can about the company. Some customers find themselves unhappy with the plants selected, or finding they arrive damaged or sickly. Investigate the return policy and any complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Unlike purchasing from a bricks-and-mortar greenhouse, there is no control over the health of the plants sent to you, but usually online nurseries give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee up to one year.

It is also possible to find pre-planned gardening plans online, where you can print a list of plants, instructions and a garden layout right at home. You then take your list of plants to your local greenhouse where they can help you find the right varieties or suggest substitutions for plants that won’t suit your region or soil type. This, obviously, requires a little more work on the gardener’s part as you may find yourself visiting several different greenhouses in order to find the right plants. However, the upside is this will give the garden more of a customized feel and allow you to actually move among the plants and select which ones you want to take home with you.

Pre-planned gardening designs can be a terrific way to save time while still having a vibrant, lush garden to enjoy. It can also be a fun way to introduce a child to gardening or explore varieties of plants you might not otherwise have purchased on your own.

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