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How to divide flower bulbs properly The techniques for dividing each type of bulb vary, so it is important to know which type you are working with. Any good gardening guide will tell you which type of bulb you have, and that information is usually provided when you buy the bulbs as well. (added Feb 16, 2006)

Tulips and Daffodils This article provides a small sampling of the many types of bulb plants available to the average gardener. (added Feb 16, 2006)

Introduction to Flower Bulbs Bulbs are wonderful plants for any gardener, from the newest to the most experienced. Their combination of hardiness, color and beauty make them hard to beat for any flower enthusiast. (added Feb 04, 2006)

Understanding Bulb Flowers Even though bulbs are not quite so highly prized today as they were in 17th century Holland, they are still loved for their scents, their colors and their shapes, and gardeners love the fact that most bulbs are hardy and easy to grow.(added Feb 04, 2006)

Raised Garden Beds © Flowers& You can save money by building your own raised garden bed. These can be used for flowers and even for vegetables. They are gaining in popularity because they are easy and inexpensive to build, making them practical parts of the landscape.(added Nov 03, 2005)

“Where did the tulips go?” A common springtime complaint among gardeners is, “Where did the tulips go?” The lavish display you planted one year looked great, but it might be turning from glory to gloom as the seasons pass. (added Sep 29, 2005)

Watering House Plants …is now ‘eau-so’ simple with BILLY™! Whether you are looking to revive or invest in some luscious new greenery to enhance the home this Spring, BILLY™ is every homeowners essential new purchase to kick start the years’ gardening season.(added Apr 19, 2005)

Attracting Hummingbirds A hummingbird’s blazing speed, agility, amusing squeaky chatter, and tractor like sound of wings as they buzz by, makes them a truly unique and amazing creature. Best of all, there are simple things you can do in you yard to create an environment that is inviting to hummingbirds. (added Mar 08, 2005)

Low Maintenance Gardens Low-maintenance gardens allow you to leave for a week or more, and your plants can fend for themselves. The most important aspect of a low maintenance garden, besides your choice of plants, is the floor for your garden. It’s important to get this aspect of the garden right, as, initially, it will be the most time-consuming and costly part of planning your garden. (added Feb 23, 2005)

Landscaping Ideas 1 ~ Flower Beds
For with planning, it is possible to maintain flowers in your garden during the entire length of the growing season. Borders and beds are planted with flowering annuals and perennials which bloom at different periods during the year. (added Feb 13, 2005)

Daisy Flowers ~ Loyal Love and Innocence © Candee Stark Daisies have long been a favorite of many as they represent loyal love and innocence. They have the ability to bring a smile to a face or brighten a room like a golden ray of sunshine. (added Jan 31, 2005)

Indoor Gardening Tips for Jerry Seinfeld… © Flowers& Come on, admit it….is your thumb not as green as you want it to be? Are you having trouble keeping your house plants alive and healthy? Relax….you’re not alone! (added Jan 31, 2005)

Winter Gardening © Flowers& Ok, the title ” winter gardening “might be a tad bit misleading. I am not suggesting that you actually garden during the winter but you should be using this time to plan your upcoming garden.(added Jan 24, 2005)

Lose Weight While Gardening © Flowers& What I am about to suggest only takes a slight change in your thinking and a bit of planning and you can learn how to lose weight and get in better shape while gardening this year. For those of you that are already gardeners, you know that gardening is one of the best ways to get exercise because it involves all of the muscle groups in your body. (added Jan 17, 2005)

Valentine’s Day story ©Candee Stark They were selling Valentines Day flowers and we were told there would be three colors available: red, pink, and white. Red was to signify love, pink said, “I really like you”, and white was for friendship. Of course we all hoped to receive a red one!(added Jan 04, 2005)

Bonsai Trees Basically, the bonsai are outdoor plants and they flourish in cool and humid conditions, away from the bright sunlight for most parts of the day. In case you want to keep them as house plants, you have to create the same cool and humid environment for them; otherwise they tend to wither away. (added Dec 28, 2004)

Gardening Proverbs © Flowers& Our list of gardening proverbs is sure to bring a smile to your face during the long, cold months of winter. In fact, you will enjoy them all year long! Come back often, we will add more gardening proverbs as we find them. (added Oct 21, 2004)

Decorating with “brains” © Flowers& Possibly you have never seen a hedgeapple in your life. Read this article and collect a few “brains” and create a beautiful fall display of your own! (added Oct 18, 2004)

A well traveled Jade Plant © Flowers& A number of rather similar large shrub-like Crassulas are widely grown as house plants, with common names such as Jade Plant ( crassula ovata ) and Money Plants ( crassula argentea ). These plants are popular because they are incredibly easy to grow.
Read the story about a well traveled jade plant. (added Oct 12, 2004)

Drying Roses © Flowers& You can use the dried roses to decorate mirrors, hats or baskets or you can just put dried rose arrangements in vases.(added Oct 08, 2004)

Shade Gardening © Flowers& Bleeding hearts, Virginia bluebells, astilbes — even orchids do very well in the shade. But still there are very few vibrantly colored flowers that thrive in a shady garden. But I think that’s a small price to pay for the lack of effort that you have to put into the garden. (added Oct 06, 2004)

Home Gardening: Who says that you can’t enjoy a fountain in the fall? Bring the sound and beauty of water into your home during the winter months……(added Sep 24, 2004)

Container Gardening: Bringing color to your deck, patio, or outside setting can easily be done by planting flowers and plants in containers. The containers…… (added Sep 13, 2004)

Pruning Roses: © Flowers& The pruning of rose bushes can be confusing, especially when you start talking about hybrid teas, old garden roses, shrub roses, once-blooming roses, and English roses.
This confusion leads to…… (added Sep 13, 2004)

Window Boxes One of the easiest ways to brighten and improve your outdoor living space is with flower window boxes made from all-natural western red cedar. These stylish boxes are simple to build and can dress up your front or backyard outdoor living space when filled with colorful flowers, herbs, vegetables and vines. (added Sep 13, 2004)

Wild Flowers In the next few minutes I intend to arm you with enough good information so you can successfully plant a beautiful bed of wild flowers, and have your neighbors hanging over the fence asking you how you did it.(added Sep 13, 2004)

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