The Mantis Electric Tiller is gardener's toughtest electric tiller choice

What you can do with a Mantis Electric Tiller:

Mantis electric tiller So small and compact you can use it anywhere
Digs down to 8 inches - perfect for flower beds and vegetable gardens
Easy to start, easy to operate - push the button and you are on your way
Cuts through hard sod, compact soil or tangly weeds - Remember, start weeding early in the season and do it regulary
Perfect for townhouse and city gardeners. The electric tiller doesn't disturb your neighbors
Fold-down handles for convenient storage
Great optional attachments and accessories available
Till soil in raised beds and other small-space gardens
Turn and mix debris in compost piles
Plow furrows for planting potatoes, onions, etc.
Create planting beds for tulips bulbs, daffodil bulbs, and more

Read what customers say about the Mantis Electric Tiller:

Buy one if you can afford it! I've had my electric Mantis tiller since last Spring. I'ts my favorite lawn and garden tool! They are so darn convenient! No mixing gas and oil. Just plug them in and till. They till up a storm once you learn that they do their best work being pulled backward...which you will learn if you read the instructions. They are light and easy to carry and to maintain.

I have used tillers for over 50 years....my Dad hitched me to the first one when I was 15, and we had a half-acre vegetable garden. This small tiller is perfect for my flower beds and tomato patch, and it tills beautifully. Neighbors borrow mine, friends borrow it, and I take it with me when I'm going to help friends and relatives. Can't say I ever spent 300 bucks better! W. Redmon, IL

A good machine! The Mantis Electric Tiller lives up to its reputation as a quality product. It is amazingly powerful for an electric tool. A. Huffman

A Great Investment for my Garden! Now that I have tilled 7 small beds around my house, I wonder what I ever did without this thing. It's powerful, lightweight, quiet, easy to control, and makes quick work of our concrete-like Dallas clay soils. Complaints of bouncing are easily avoided by following the directions to pull rather than push it.

The only negatives I've experienced are: occasional tripped circuit breaker (when I run it too hard for too long), tines are a bit thin and can be bent on rocks/concrete, can only till to 6-8" without heroic measures (but that's still great for flower beds), and the handle is a bit long for a 5'4" person such as me. As for electric vs. gas, gas would give more freedom of movement, but be louder and require more maintenance. Electric is the clear winner for me, even despite the extension cord. I strongly recommend this for small urban landscapes where a big tiller is not practical. P. McCormick, TX

Recommended Accessory

The Mantis cord management kit is designed to prevent accidents with the power cords of outdoor electrical equipment. It keeps the electrical cord out of your way and prevents cord slack with a stationary take-up reel, reducing the likelihood of tripping and other accidents. It comes with a retractable reel with a supplementary 30-foot cord, a 50-foot extension cord, and a stake for keeping the reel in place. It keeps you going with your electric tiller.

Guarantee: The guarantee on the Mantis Website reads in part: “Try any product that you buy from Mantis with no risk. If you are not completely satisfied, send it back to us within one year for a complete, no-hassle refund. All Mantis products are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for two full years from date of purchase. During this time, we will repair or replace any defective part at no cost to you.”

The Mantis Electric Tiller is an excellent value. I strongly recommend this for small urban landscapes where a big heavy tiller is not practical.

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