Orbit Sprinkler Timer Review – Orbit 62001

The Orbit 62001 watering timer provides a huge range of features that will enable you to conveniently water your plants, flower beds or even your lawn at times you feel it’s best.

This products is an alternative if it doesn’t  make financial sense to have an underground sprinkler system installed when a few water hose sprinklers would do the job and do it quite well.

This Orbit 62001 Lawn and Garden Digital Watering Timer is handy for automatic watering of trees and shrubs. It consists of a motor-operated valve and a timer and it operates on two 9-volt batteries.

The user attaches the female coupling of the valve to a hose bib and the male coupling to a garden hose or drip irrigation pipe. The timer can be removed from the assembly for easy programming. There are four watering cycles per day; it can be programmed to run seven days or any day(s) of the week, or every 2nd day or 3rd day. The timer can also be turned on manually.

Quick Product Facts

  • Easy to install to any outdoor hose faucet
  • Battery-operated automatic water
  • Standard 3/4-inch and 3/4-inch BSP (international)
  • Water-resistant design
  • Removable controller can be programmed
  • item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping from Amazon

The Orbit 62001 digital watering timer has received mostly positive feedback at Amazon.com and is currently rated with 4.1 out of 5 stars and has over 190 customer reviews at the writing of this review. CLICK HERE to find the lowest price offered for the Orbit sprinkler timer by Amazon.com.  At the moment of writing you can save 17% off the list price and take advantage of free super saver shipping.

The Negative Reviews

While most of the customer feedback for the Orbit hose timer has been positive, the product has also received a small number of negative reviews. We will now discuss some of the common complaints made by its customers in the interest of presenting our readers with an unbiased perspective on the garden watering timer.

Many reviewers mentioned that they weren’t aware of that the irrigation timer didn’t come with two 9 volt batteries, so they would have ordered the batteries with the timer. A few users were concerned about the reliability of the device. A few users said it broke within a month or two.  But on the other hand they said the Orbit support department replaced defective units without a hassle. One customer complained about water continuing to leak at the tap attachment, even after moderately strong tightening of the brass knurling nut. He suggested that the problem could be prevented by adding a rubber washer between the washer with in line mesh filter, provided with the set.

You can CLICK HERE if you would like to read through the customer feedback for the timer in greater detail.

The Positive Reviews

Despite the negative feedback for the Orbit hose timer that we have just discussed, most of the reviews for the item have been very positive and it has quite a few  features that have impressed its customers so they would recommend it to a friend.

The majority of users have found the Orbit sprinkler timer to be User-friendly, reliable and versatile. The water resistant design of the timer box was also on the popular features list.

The customers liked that the functioning buttons are beneath a flip-up cover that PICTURES the exact configuration, making it easy to make a quick adjustment. For a more complete change, they appreciate that the timer can be removed so that they can take it inside to program it in the comfort of an easy chair rather than removing the whole thing from the faucet or kneeling in the ivy!

Another benefit of the device is that there are all kinds of variations in watering days and watering times available. If for example, one only wanted to be sure that the newly-seeded lawn was watered once or twice a day in order to keep the area moist for seed germination–even when he was away for a couple of weeks.

Many people liked the “CLEAR” function to halt watering when it’s raining; this stops the Auto-Run function for 24 hours, after which watering resumes at the time(s) it was previously scheduled. For rainy weather, there is an “OFF” setting,  which stops the automatic watering but keeps the program until “AUTO RUN” is pressed again.

One customer stated that the Amazon price was right and if this timer remains as dependable as it has been so far, he’ll get another one for the backyard faucet so that he can easily water newly-planted trees.


Would we recommend the Orbit 62001 watering timer to our readers?

Absolutely, and here’s why:

We have been very impressed by the feedback for the Orbit sprinkler timer, especially for the comments made by the reviewers that suggest that it  is very convenient being able to slide-out the timing mechanism, making any adjustment, and then reattaching. Customers said multiple times that they do not like timers that do not have a clock or do not readily indicate a malfunction. But this device does it all. CLICK HERE to find the best price available for the product through Amazon.com and to find further information to help you make an informed buying decision.

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