Enjoy tropical flowers and exotic plants

Add a bit of the tropics to your environment by growing tropical flowers and giant leafy plants:

Close your eyes and think of tropical flowers. Can you imagine how they smell, look, and make you feel? Can you envision yourself in a hammock on a lazy summer day with a tropical drink in hand?

Do you feel the breeze blowing past you? Are you on a tropical island? No, you are in your own backyard! Tropical and exotic flowers grown in containers or pots are the easy way towards creating that special "summer feeling" that will make your deck, patio, and yard a fun and festive place to be.

I first experienced tropical flowers when I lived on the island of Okinawa. My yard had three hibiscus shrubs that had incredible blooming scarlet flowers. I loved them so much that when I moved back to the states I grew a hibiscus plant in a large container on my back patio. The plant provided ongoing blooms during summer months and the leafy green plant brought a fresh feeling to my home when I brought it inside for the winter.

In tropical regions, tropical plants and flowers can be grown in the ground as a flowering landscape plant. In all other regions, you have to bring your plants and tropical flowers indoors when temperatures dip down into the 50s. Tropical plants thrive in humid conditions and need to be grown in full sun to medium shade. Ideal temperatures for growth range between 55 and 100 degrees.

Growing tropical flowers & plants in containers:

Do not use soil from the garden for container planting. Use a commercial potting mix containing high levels of organic matter.

tropical flowers, hibiscus Tropical plants need to have excellent drainage to keep roots from rotting.

As with all indoor plants, make sure to pick a container that has drainage holes in the bottom.

Choose a container that allows the roots plenty of room to grow.
Terra cotta pots, plastic planters, wooden half-barrels, and pottery are all good choices.

Fill the container one-quarter deep with soil and position plants at the proper depth. Follow specific directions that are included with your new plant when you buy it. Then fill soil up to one-inch below the top of the container and add a thin layer of mulching material.

Group several varieties of tropical flowers together and make sure to vary the height of the pots. Doing so will add depth and interest to your grouping and it will make watering a breeze!

Tropical flowers/plants that grow well in containers:

Orchids(of course not all species)
Palm Trees
Tropical Ginger

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